To sate the demand for rear anti-roll bars to fit more diverse component configurations and applications, re-development of our popular kits has been instigated – enhancing space and performance efficiency. Anti-roll (sway) bars are effectively a length of either solid steel rod or tube mounted across the car in mountings generally fixed to the chassis at either front or rear, and sometimes both. An arm at each end links the bar to each wheel, so when the car rolls in a corner, the bar has to be twisted before one wheel can rise and the other fall. The resistance offered by the bar controls weight transfer and reduces body roll, thus improving cornering speed by altering under or over-steer. A very powerful instrument, it can have more beneficial effects than simply fitting stronger springs – a very limited option in a Mini! To maximise performance and minimise the fitting space required, a ‘bar and blade’ design (common to a vast majority of hi-tech race cars) has been utilised. Laser profiled steel plate blades are welded to the bar ends. The minimalist vertical profile of the blades now allows them to sit above the handbrake actuating levers, negating problems found where several different length levers have been used over time. And well out of the way of brake pipe work, cables and protector plates. Re-designed radius arm mounting plates keep drop linkages out of the way of dampers and damper adjusters, whilst new mounting blocks site the bar up out of the way of practically all exhaust system types. C-AJJ4009 Fixed rear anti-roll bar complete kit (road/rally use) C-AJJ4008 Adjustable rear anti-roll bar complete kit (race use)