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Mini Cooper Car Cover Gen3 F56 Hardtop 2014-2020

Mini Cooper Car Cover Gen3 F56 Hardtop 2014-2020

Mini Cooper Car Cover Gen3 F56 Hardtop 2014-2020

Mini Cooper Car Cover Gen3 F56 Hardtop 2014-2020

Mini Cooper Car Cover Gen3 F56 Hardtop 2014-2020
Part No: G3NMA1900-P
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Custom Fit Car Covers designed specifically for your new F56 MINI!

Fits the following 3rd Generation MINI:

2014-2020 F56 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop

Car Covers are 'made-to-order' and may take 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Select material.

All of these materials are of the 'high tech' variety - light weight and very thin, but they do an excellent job as described below. Only the DUSTOP™ and NOAH® material has some thickness and feels 'soft' to the touch. The other materials looks and feels more like a light windbreaker material. Rest assured, all materials are designed to protect the finish - just make sure the car is clean when you install the cover!

For a Quick Refernce Chart comparing the different fabrics, see Car Cover Comparison Chart.

POLY COTTON Indoor Cover - Lightweight Protection

Durable, woven polycotton blend offers good basic vehicle protection. Polyester is sun and water resistant, while cotton gives a soft touch to the vehicle's finish.

[ ] Good Basic Indoor Protection
[ ] Drill Weave Polycotton Blend
[ ] Fabric Color: Gray
[ ] Warranty: 90 Days

DUSTOP™ Indoor Car Cover - Maximum Protection against Dust

If you want a car to be as clean when it’s uncovered as it was when covered, this is the fabric to use. Non-woven fibers make it almost impossible for dust to penetrate and the multi-layer construction helps prevent dings and dents...

[ ] High Performance Indoor Fabric
[ ] Soft But Strong Outer Layers - The two top layers are constructed of a polypropylene / polyethylene composite spunbond. These layers take advantage of the best features of both polymers: the superior softness of polyethylene, with the strength and stability of polypropylene.
[ ] Dust Barrier - A melt-blown polypropylene layer serves as a barrier to most dust, dirt and pollution. Dustop’s multi-layer construction provides substantially better dust protection when compared to traditional woven, single layer fabrics.
[ ] Softest Paint Protecting Inner Layer - The high-loft polypropylene / polyethylene inner layer pampers and protects the vehicle’s finish.
[ ] 4 Year Warranty
[ ] Indoor Use Only

Softest against fine paint finishes and almost totally dustproof. The top two layers are polypropylene / polyethylene spunbond with a meltblown polypropylene middle layer to provide a superior barrier against dust. Soft, high-loft composite spunbond inner layer pampers and protects the vehicle’s finish. Multi-layer construction provides substantially better dust protection compared to traditional woven material.

NOAH® Outdoor Car Cover - All-Weather Protection Using Film Barrier Technology

The high performance non-woven fabric with the film barrier edge for maximum dirt/dust and moisture resistance...and you still get the ding protection of multi-layer construction.

[ ] High Performance Non-Woven Fabric
[ ] Dual Protective Outer Layers – Two outer layers of bi-component spunbond, utilizing side-by-side spinning technology. Each individual fiber is a balance of polypropylene and polyethylene that delivers both strength and softness. The light gray color does not attract heat and the dual layers are treated with UV inhibitors for extended outdoor use.
[ ] Microporous Film Middle Layer – The barrier layer is breathable film, a proprietary stretch-film technology developed exclusively for Kimberly-Clark. The film is stretched and then subjected to a chemical process that creates microscopic holes smaller than droplets of water or dust, yet large enough to allow moisture vapor and heat to escape. This helps reduce the bulk of the nonwoven fabric, while providing an almost solid barrier against the elements.
[ ] Soft, Paint-Protecting Inner Layer – A single, heavier layer of bi-component spunbond, utilizing side-by-side spinning technology. This heavier, single layer (as compared to a single outer layer) provides the “soft touch” necessary for today’s water-based paint finishes.
[ ] 4 Year Warranty
[ ] Outdoor or Indoor Use

NOAH® barrier fabric actually stops water, yet it “breathes” to allow any trapped moisture, seam seepage or condensation to easily evaporate. The unique construction process (patent pending) results in a cover with maximum all-weather protection...highly water resistant, dust resistant, UV resistant and breathable to help make sure moisture and/or heat don’t stay under the cover. Made in the U.S. by Kimberly-Clark, the fabric weighs only 4.75 oz./sq. yd., so it’s easy to handle and fold.

High-tech, bonded 4-layer composite uses bi-component side-by-side technology for twin spunbond outer layers, a film barrier, and a soft bi-component spunbond inner layer.

WEATHERSHIELD® HP Outdoor Cover - The #1 High-Performance Car Cover Fabric for Enthusiast

WeatherShield fabrics are fade resistant, shed moisture, stop dust, dirt and bird droppings, and are very water resistant and breathable...our high performance fabrics.

[ ] High Performance Woven Fabric
[ ] Sheds Water
[ ] Quick Drying
[ ] Blocks Dust
[ ] Glides Over Paint Finish
[ ] Breathable
[ ] UV & Fade Resistant
[ ] Easy to Handle
[ ] Compact
[ ] Easy to Clean
[ ] 4 Year Warranty
[ ] Outdoor Use

WeatherShield®HP (for “high performance”) is manufactured with solution-dye fibers which makes fabrics more fade resistant and is currently one of the most ecologically responsible ways to produce fabric. Solution-dye isn’t really a dye process, the color pigments are mixed into the compound that is extruded as thread. This puts the color all the way through each fiber (fade resistant) and saves 1,000 gallons of water for every 1,000 yards of fabric produced since we don’t have to surface dye the fabric!

To construct this amazing fabric, prefinishing chemistries are applied to the solution-dye polyester fabric to prep it for the encapsulation process. Nextec proprietary equipment then applies a viscous (gooey) patented mixture of silicon-based polymers onto the fabric. Energy (heat and pressure) is applied to the polymers, working them inside the fabric and wrapping the individual fade resistant fibers (see illustration). All but the smallest spaces are filled and the micro holes that remain allow the fabric to “breathe” so any moisture or heat under the cover can easily escape. Specially designed ovens cure the polymers to a solid state and the fabric is ready to make into covers.

No microfibers, no laminates, no surface coatings….EPIC® by Nextec’s encapsulation process delivers all weather protection, compact packability, easy care, and a soft-to-paint touch without sacrificing breathability.

WeatherShield is not waterproof, but if kept clean it will shed most water and help prevent dust, dirt, bird droppings and tree sap from reaching the vehicle surface. The breathable properties of the fabric assure that any heat, moisture or condensation under the cover can easily escape.

SUNBRELLA® Outdoor Car Cover - Best for Intense Sun Environments

Best for outdoor use anywhere intense sun is an issue. 100% Sunbrella acrylic fibers resist fading. Good Breathability

[ ] High Performance Woven Fabric
[ ] Long-Lasting Strength
[ ] Fade Resistant
[ ] Water Resistant
[ ] Rot, Mildew Resistant
[ ] 5 Year Warranty
[ ] Outdoor Use

Thanks to its unique construction process, A Sunbrella® car cover provides protection and years of service in intense sun climates like Arizona and other areas of the Sunbelt, where UV rays can rapidly degrade the paint and interior. Because of the use of acrylic fibers, which are naturally UV resistant, Sunbrella® has long been the recognized leader in longwearing marine fabrics for bimini tops, sail covers and deck enclosures. Besides marine uses, Sunbrella® is also used for commercial awnings due to its ability to provide UV blockage, along with a rich, woven finish. The acrylic fibers are solution dyed, before the fabric is woven, to assure the color goes all the way through the fabric. Using a special finish process, the material is then softened for use as a car cover fabric. The fabric is exceptionally strong and, coupled with its UV resistance, it also makes an excellent cover for RV’s and trailers that spend extended time stored outside.

WEATHERSHIELD® HD Outdoor Car Cover - The Heavy Duty Version for Maximum Sun and Weather Protection

Developed primarily for intense sun environments and long-term storage, WeatherShield®HD uses heavier denier thread for maximum UV opacity. Approximately 40% heavier than WeatherShield®HP, the 300 denier fiber construction results in almost double the tear and tensile strength, finished with the same great EPIC® by Nextec encapsulation process.

Who should use WeatherShield®HD? People who live in intense sun climates and along the coast will benefit most from this extreme-performance fabric, as well as RV owners seeking the best cover for long-term storage. WeatherShield®HD is not as compact as WeatherShield®HP and the heavier fibers aren’t as silky-smooth but, for maximum performance in harsh environments, you can’t beat WeatherShield®HD.

5 Year Warranty

[ ] Dramatic Rain Dispersion - Fabric sheds water as soon as it hits the cover.
[ ] Superior Dry Time - Because the fabric sheds moisture, just shake the cover and it dries in minutes (HD fabric is heavier and requires additional drying time).
[ ] Breathable - Allows any heat, moisture or condensation under the cover to easily escape.
[ ] UV Resistant - Special additives to the encapsulation formula reduce fabric UV degradation.
[ ] Superior Paint Finish Protection - Silicone polymers used in the encapsulation formula help create a silky-smooth finish that’s even less abrasive than flannel (HD uses heavier denier thread which is not as smooth).
[ ] Packs Small - Cover packs into roughly 1/3 the volume of multi-layer fabric covers (HD covers are bulkier).
[ ] Easy Care - Wash and dry at home...most mid-size covers will fit in home washers and dryers - and, unlike non-woven materials, they can be thrown in a dryer.
[ ] Durable Fade-Resistant Base Fabrics - Premium solution-dye fibers mean the covers resist fading and hold their color longer.

Why are solution-dye fabrics better?

Solution-Dye Process: Pigment is added during fiber production. These fibers are spun into yarn resulting in permeated color throughout the fabric, creating consisten, lasting color.

Conventional Dyeing Process: Pigment is applied after the fabric is made. Color is not an intergral part of the fabric, making the fabric more prone to fading and difficult to clean.


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