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Crankshaft Oil Seal Kit - 1275 , Sprite & Midget

Crankshaft Oil Seal Kit - 1275 , Sprite & Midget

Crankshaft Oil Seal Kit - 1275 , Sprite & Midget
Selected: RIC777
Crankshaft Oil Seal Kit - 1275 , Sprite & Midget
1275 engine
Part No: RIC777
Internet Price $186.96
If you are tired of dripping oil onto your driveway and clutch, this crankshaft rear seal kit is the real thing. It allows you to replace the scroll seal with a real rubber seal! A special aluminum casting bolts right on to the block with no fabrication required. RIC777 (1275cc), Replacement seals only are available as RIC777/S.

The stock factory engine uses a 'scroll seal' which is not really a seal at all but simply a technique to try to keep the oil from not getting out from a rotating surface. There is no maintenance possible on the stock set up as it actually is a metal to metal system with no replacable parts involved. As it wears the engine simply leaks!

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Created: December 12, 2013
Spridget Performance Parts
Created: July 26, 2007
Crankshaft oil seal adapter. Fitting Instructions 1300 engine: Midget/Sprite Part No. RIC777Remove the flywheel, back plate and the half round cover above the rear main bearing cap. Carefully lean up the rear block face adjacent to the main bearing cap (fig 1), removing all traces of the gasket...
Created: May 24, 2001
Installation instructions for a OIL SEAL CRANK for a 1275 engine(part #RIC777).
Crankshaft Oil Seal Adapter
Created: January 30, 2000
Remove the flywheel, back plate, sump and the half-round cover, secured to the block by 3 bolts, above the main bearing cap (MBC). Carefully clean up the rear block face area adjacent to the MBC (Fig. 1 A); removing all traces of gasket, burrs, etc.; also the outer, horizontal edge of the flywheel mounting flange on the crank. This is where the new oil seal will seat; it will need to be checked for damage and carefully polished smooth with wire wool or fine emery.
Created: January 30, 2000
This kit contains parts and instructions for installing a conventional-style rear main seal on the 1275cc “A”-series engine as fitted to the A-H Sprite and MG Midget and as used as an upgrade to the Morris Minor.
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